Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Interactive Whiteboards

Classroom boards have evolved immensely overtime. They started out as chalkboards, the only thing you could do with the board was write on it with a piece of chalk. Then whiteboards came along giving us the ability not only to write and erase easier, but to magnetically hang different papers, posters, and other things, and also display images onto the board. Nowadays, interactive whiteboards are becoming more and more popular. We are able to project an image on the board, then students and teachers are able to write and interact with the image display, then with a touch of a button, erase it.

There are many different types and brands of these interactive boards, SMART, Promethean, Mimio, Numonics, eInstructions, and Polyvision's, this website gives information on what each board is able to do. Teachers have to remember that these amazing tools are not just for them, but also for their students. The students are able to teach their fellow classmates, and they may find what they are learning easier to comprehend by being able to interact with it. It will be interesting to see what the future has in store for white boards, maybe we will be able to bring the lesson to life by using 3D pictures. 

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Monday, November 16, 2015

How Technology Has Changed Education

I started wondering how education has changed overtime due to technology, I also thought about how technology will change classrooms in the future. Recently, I have been watching various TED-talks videos for some of my classes, these videos are very informational and it seems like there is a one for everything. I figured that I would be able to find one that could end my wondering on changes in education with technology, and I did! This TED-talk talks about technology in education and how we need to allow technology to change the basic standards of learning. It also brought to my attention the many advances of technology in the classroom throughout the world.

This blog post also talks about ways technology has changed the way of learning. Technology has not only changed a classroom in a school building, but classrooms online, too. People who used to go to school from home would receive or send their assignments and materials through the mail, and now it is all online. We are now able to earn degrees online from the comfort of our homes. Sometimes adults are unable to go to college due to time, online schooling allows them to get through school on their own time. Online lectures and assignments have evolved making learning easier. 

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Engagement in Classrooms Through Technology

I found a great article that puts technology in the classroom into a different perspective. The article consists of Karen Cator, the director of the office of Educational Technology, interviewing Marge Scherer, the editor in chief of Educational Leadership. Some points brought up in the article caught my attention, mainly the points about the use of the classroom.

Marge's goal is to share with others ideas of technology use in the classroom. She explored many different classrooms to research ways that classrooms can be put to use, using technology. While Marge was observing a school in North Carolina, she noticed that every part of the classrooms were being used, she was unable to tell which side of the classroom was the front and which was the back. On one side of the room there was a regular white board, another side had an interactive white board, and the other sides were also being in different ways. Each student had a laptop that allowed them to learn in a way that suited them, they had different practice websites bookmarked to help them, they were able to do research and presentations. By using every part of the room and not determining one side to be the "front" or "back", you're allowing the classroom to be a great learning environment.

I believe that it should be stressed more that the classroom is for the students and not the teacher. The rules you make at the beginning of the year should be made by the students, all the posters and pictures in the room should be made by the students, technology should be used in every corner and side of the classroom. Students should be able to engage with all the surroundings of the classroom, because it is their classroom and they should be given many opportunities to learn.

Friday, November 6, 2015

1:1 Teaching and Computers in the Classroom

At first, I was skeptical on what 1:1 Teaching, I thought that it brought to much independence to the students. I felt that this style of learning took away from group work, and the social aspect of learning. Later, I found out that it is more than just letting the students have independence on their own learning.

I have come to realize that 1:1 learning can be better for students learning speed and comprehension. It is difficult for teachers to teach a whole class at a steady pace, some students learn faster and others need to take their time while learning or it is difficult to keep up with the speed of the rest of the class. With each student having their own computers, they are given that ability to learn at their own pace, they can research on their own, or go over what they have learned as many times as they need.

Computers and other technology still give the opportunity of group work and social learning. Students can work on projects and other school work with fellow classmates, by using google docs, sheets, slides, etc., students can all be working on something at the same time, on their own time, and at home, they don't have to worry about one classmate having all the materials on their device and they are given a large variety of resources through technology. Teachers are also able to monitor their students progress, and what they are learning with 1:1 learning, opening doors of new ways to help students for the teacher.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my blog, I am an Elementary Education major at the University of Northern Iowa. I am currently taking a class called Educational Technology and Design, this class is the inspiration for my blog and blog posts. I will be sharing with you information, ideas, and opinions about technology in education.